As we celebrate National Bible Week here in the Philippines, I would like to point the importance of reading the Word of God in human language in the Bible. Almost all denominations inside Christianity always point their respective life and meaning in the passages of this book which changed civilizations and human thought in the last two thousand years. More importantly, it’s a time for reflection how the WORD changed us and are we open to the movement of the Spirit of WORD?

The readings last Sunday shows us how the Word of God from the time of the Old Testament which was seen as the LAW from which all the actions of a person and of society should revolve. Through Jesus, these set of LAWS became a human person which we have discovered in Jesus the Nazarean. As christian communities through time, the WORD which Jesus enfleshed and took form united the human family and sadly also the cause of division and oppression.

As we celebrate National Bible Week, we should ask ourselves how open are we to the promptings and teachings of the Bible particularly of Jesus? If we heard the WORD, how do we live it in our present circumstances? I remember a christian, Charles de Foucauld, “Cry the Gospel with your life” is a good motto for us Bible believing Christians and people of goodwill.

“Proclaim the Word, Profess the Faith”

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