New Year, new beginnings ^_^

Happy New Year! Though a bit late as January is almost half spent already, it is still good to greet everyone a happy new year as this evokes new beginnings and true endings which lead us to peace and love to our lives and our loved ones. Last week, we just had our annual retreat. It … Continue reading New Year, new beginnings ^_^

My reflection on SDR (spiritual deepening retreat)

The Spiritual Deepening Retreat was a great weekend “disconnect” from our usual worlds and a time to ‘connect’ with the essentials of our life; our intrapersonal life where we meet God. A time to recollect our lives and see its directions from a distance and with God’s grace beg our Father in heaven to shed … Continue reading My reflection on SDR (spiritual deepening retreat)

all about time

Time, the very fiber of the universe revolves around it, and no, nothing escapes time. Through it, everything has a beginning and an end, through its seconds and minutes, memories are made, and forever are etched, while others pass off time in their sweetest daydreams but some are busy running out of time. As I … Continue reading all about time